'Trash is the future / live at XI20' is still available. Recorded in Vilnius by Tomas Verbaitis, mixed and mastered in NYC by Jason LaFarge, available on LP only.

"Excellent work!" - Vital Weekly


Galm Quartet makes a genuinely sentimental alchemy of contradictions and provocations. Think Satie and the Pistols, sausages and saxophone, baritone guitar and banging electronics. Fun and freedom for all ages!

George Hadow [UK] - drums
Andreas Fulgosi [IT] - baritone guitar
Laurens van der Wee [NL] - no-input mixer
Michael Foster [US] - saxophones


Listen to the first two tracks of our album 'Trash is the future / live at XI20':


made by Sander Gering

live in XI10, Vilnius, Lithuania, October 10, 2012